Teresa Strasser

Teresa Strasser is an Emmy-award-winning writer (Comedy Central's "Win Ben Stein's Money") and Emmy-nominated television personality (TLC's "While You Were Out") who now co-hosts The List.

Donna Ruko

Reporter Donna Ruko is a strong advocate of empowerment and improved well-being, and enjoys finding ways to enrich lives.

Bradley Hasemeyer

A 4 year run as the host of AOL’s Translogic & Gear Patrol’s Behind The Wheel and his love of all things digital prompted him to start his own show, That Internet Show. Now Bradley is excited to bring his talent to The List.

Brien McElhatten

Brien McElhatten is our national host for “The List” and is here to save YOU money.  He came to “The List” after working in local news in both the Midwest and the Southwest.

Holly Morgan

Holly Morgan is a multimedia journalist with a passion for telling stories. She's excited to be part of The List team as their national correspondent.

Ashley Porter

Ashley Porter just left her hometown of West Palm Beach to Denver and she's excited to bring fun and fascinating stories to "The List."

Mitch Weber

Mitch Weber is based out of our Kansas City bureau. You can expect he will make sure to include any pets, barbeque and anything geeky in his segments.

Jenell Walton

Emmy award winning journalist Jenell Walton is the multimedia reporter for the Cincinnati bureau of “The List.”

Jake Peterson

Jake Peterson is a multimedia journalist for “The List.”   He lives in sunny Florida now, but he’s a Midwesterner at heart. 

Cincinnati, OH
Denver, CO
San Diego, CA
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