3 of the all time easiest things to do to stay healthy

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Teresa Strasser | Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 6:03 PM, Aug 21, 2017

If you think the only path to lifelong health is spending money at the gym and saying goodbye to your favorite pizza toppings; think again. Being healthy doesn't mean being ripped – it means taking care of your bod and giving it what it needs. Kristina Guerrero and Teresa Strasser have 3 ways you can be the best version of you without even thinking about it.

1. Sleep More, Watch Less

A recent study has shown that people who do a lot of binge-watching get worse sleep than people who watch shows, one episode at a time. Apparently, binge-watchers keep thinking about the show after they watch it, keeping their brains awake.

Sleep is super important to keeping your systems running and having enough energy to stay healthy; so stop watching The Handmaiden's Tale or How I Met Your Mother and hit the hay.

2. Stop and Drop That Phone (Not Literally…)

If you get what feels like a panic attack when you think your phone is lost or broken, you might need to talk to a professional about your Nomophobia – a new phobia cropping up due to our obsession with social networking and recent studies in "cyberpsychology".

If you ever get to this point with your phone, maybe consider putting that phone down a few times a day and talking to more people in person – it'll get you out and about and it's probably much healthier for you and your eyes.

3. Don't Wait 'Till It's Too Late

Health experts like Chris and Heidi Powell say they're seeing more people start to make fitness and health priorities around their 40s. The Powells say that's when people tend to feel the effects of aging and maybe the way they treated their bodies in their youth.

So don't wait until you're dropping kids off at soccer practice before trying to squeeze in a pilates class! Take the plunge now! Drink more water; walk to the far vending machine at work! Buy baked Cheetos instead of the regular kind…you know, baby steps.

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