3 ways cannabis treats give dogs a helping paw

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By: Lindsey Granger | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 5:31 PM, Apr 3, 2017

As states continue to legalize recreational marijuana, more and more entrepreneurs are looking to get a piece of the "pot pie". But did you know there are dog food companies making pot products for your pets? But they aren't what you might think! CBD is the secret to these products helping pooches in 3 major ways, and Lindsey Granger has all the info.

1. Help Ease Pain

Products used to treat cancer and arthritis in dogs are derived from hemp cannabidiol, or CBD, which is not psychoactive like THC, the main ingredient in recreational marijuana, so your dog won't "get high" off these products. Most animals have an endocannabinoid system that responds to CBD to successfully address conditions like pain and soreness. Cannabinoids can have anti-inflammatory effects and when they go through the endocannabinoid system, they can help bring your pup all kinds of pain relief.

2. Soothe Anxiety

CBD can help your anxious pooch by helping calm them in stressful situations. The CBD helps send calming signals through their endocannabinoid systems, making it easier for the body to calm down and relieve tension thanks to receptors better communicating. Give an anxious pup a treat like Treatibles before riding in the car, going to the vet, or leaving the house to soothe them for an extended period of time.

3. Increase Appetite

When your pup has anxiety or is in pain, it might not want to eat, which spells big trouble since dogs usually love to eat all the time. CBD treats can help stimulate your dog's appetite, just like it stimulates calm, by helping the hunger receptors in your pup's brain better send and receive messages, helping regulate its typical hunger behaviors.

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