7 Unexpected Things That Get Cheaper in the Fall

When fall officially rolls around, leaves aren't the only thing that are dropping. Sales abound when the weather starts to cool and you've probably heard about most of them – but do you know all of them? From the office, to your kitchen, and more, fall has a bunch of deep discounts to offer you and we're making sure you don't miss out on a single one.

1. Headphones

You might notice that fancy headphones are always featured in electronics stores during the months leading up to school getting back in session. But once the kiddos are back in school, those brand name headphones go on sale – not to mention that new lines of headphones often come out in the fall, making last year's models even cheaper.

Check out ConsumerReports.org's list of the best headphones on the market right now that are under $100.

2. Vacuums

Cleaning up the house can suck – but buying what you need to do it doesn't have to! Dealnews.com did some research and found that there are almost twice as many deals on vacuums during the months of October and November – and that's not counting Black Friday deals – Now that feels good, man.

3. Grills

As soon as summer ends, grill sales start to sizzle. According to business site, Kiplinger.com, grills can be marked down by as much as 50% after Labor Day Weekend and can keep dropping through the fall. The longer you wait, the cheaper grills will get.

Just don't wait too long or you'll find a pretty small selection, thanks to other eager, sales-seeking grill buyers beating you to the punch.

4. Wines

Fun Fact: Late summer and fall is harvest time at a lot of vineyards in the Northern Hemisphere. What does that mean for you? That new wines will start hitting the shelves in September and last year's wines go on sale. While you're bound to find cheaper single bottles, Kiplinger.com also recommends stocking up if you can by grabbing wine in bulk from wine clubs.

5. Cookware

You might think cookware sales are kind of random but, when it comes to fall time, retailers will mark down cookware and accessories in preparation of new lines coming out for the holiday season of cooking and hosting. These deep discounts can range anywhere from 30% off to 80% off, making it easier to spend more time in the kitchen instead of spending more time (and cash) at the mall in the hopes of finding a good deal.

And when it comes to those fancy celebrity chef brand lines, look and see if you can find collections of theirs from last year – chances are they're releasing new lines, meaning their old lines will be cheaper now. And don't worry, food cooked in them will still taste delicious.

6. Wedding Expenses

If you know someone who'll be ringing wedding bells soon and is on the hunt for the perfect dress or venue, tell them to hold out until late in the fall. November is when wedding dresses can be bought with discounts of up to 70% and vendors tend to be more available and less expensive.

Plus vendors are more reasonable when it comes to negotiating about additional discounts since you're fulfilling their desire for business in an off-peak month.

7. Jeans

Sure, jeans go on sale a lot during the year, but you can get additional deals on jeans at big brand stores that have been stuck on the shelves since the busy back to school season. To clear their inventory, these more expensive stores will offer "buy one, get one for 50%" promotions which means awesome discounts for anyone that's a fan of pricier brand styles.

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