A dance for dads to enjoy... even if they have two left feet

TULSA - The Daddy-Daughter Dance at Tulsa's Whiteside Park isn't about perfecting the Latin mambo or merengue - -it's about making memories.  

This year will be George Chahalis and his daughter Christina's seventh year to attend Whiteside Park's Daddy-Daughter Dance.

"I present her with a corsage," said George. "It's kind of a big, fancy night out for us."

Christina is 11, and since the party is for girls 4 through 12, next year will be her last. 

"[We] slow dance, fast dance, any kind of dance," said Christina.

Topping the Chahalis family's list for best dance music:

1) "YMCA,"  The Village People

2) "Cha Cha Slide," DJ Casper

3) Anything hip hop (spoken like a true 11-year-old)

And dads, no need to worry if you suffer from two-left-feet syndrome (Christina was quick on her feet to tell us her dad isn't that great of a dancer). The girl in your life just wants you there by her side.


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