AROUND BALTIMORE: Erotica author Zane tops tax cheaters list & Morgan State Univ. BearTransit App

Mommy winter car safety check list

Here are the stories you're talking about on February 4, 2014. 
1. EROTICA AUTHOR ZANE OWES $340K IN BACK TAXESNew York Times best seller and erotica author Zane tops the list of 25 Marylanders owing the most in back taxes to the state. Zane's real name is Kristina Roberts. She's an Upper Marlboro resident and creator of “Zane Sex Chronicles” on Cinemax. 
Kristina Roberts owes more than $340,000 in back taxes according to the Maryland Comptroller’s office. 
Wonder how many toe-curling copies of “Heat Seekers” it will take to payback Annapolis.
2. MOM WINTER CAR SAFETY: Winter weather is wreaking havoc on Maryland roads, and that’s enough to make any mom nervous about the commute and car seats.
“If you have to make a sudden stop or if you’re on black ice. You’re looking around. You just want to ensure that if you’re in an accident that your child is safe," said Baltimore safety expert Kimberly West.
She urges moms to have a check-off list for safe winter travel.
“Is your baby going to be strapped in nice and tight? Does it have a head feature for your child? When they lay their head back are they comfortable? It’s very important that it’s safe and it’s been put in your car the proper way,” Kimberly added. She suggest car seats like Diono to keep infants, babies and toddlers safe.
Kimberly also urges expectant and new moms to pack prenatal protein drinks in their vehicles in case they find themselves stranded on the side of the road. Protein drinks such as Healthy mama.
“Everyone’s really relying on you. Your kids need you. So if you’re safe, then you can make sure that they’re safe.” 
3. MORGAN STATE UNIV. 'BEARTRANSIT' APP: Catching the bus around Morgan State University just got a lot easier. The BearTansit app offers real time GPS tracking.
“We wanted to make it convenient for everyone to get around campus . If you’re on your way to a meeting, instead of wondering where ‘s the shuttle? You can go to your phone, iPad click on the app and it will tell you exactly where the shuttle is and what time it’s coming,” said BearTransit's Gwendolyn Streeter.
“People are in a hurry. The kids want to make sure they get to class on time. So with this little app, because they always have their phones on them all the time, we thought it would be a good idea to bring this to the campus,” Gwendolyn added.
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