Best Weekend Ever: Miami Grove Cruise, Singapore festival and Pro-Bowl in Hawaii

Best Weekend Ever: Miami Grove Cruise, Singapore festival and Pro-Bowl in Hawaii

Let's get ready for the weekend. Sing a song, Singapore, and single-season records...we have it all on this edition of Your Best Weekend Ever. 

MIAMI: First on our list is the Miami Groove Cruise which mixes the motion of the ocean with the beat of the drums. It’s three days, 2200 friends and 40 different bands. The floating dance party began in 2004 with just 125 people and has grown as popular as fist-pumping.   

The amenity-laden liner also stops at exotic islands.

SINGAPORE: This weekend is Singapore’s Laneway Festival. The world class Indie Music Event began in Australia as a way to celebrate unknown bands and create an outdoor music fest. It's gained fame as Australia's most unique pop music event and has spread all the way to southeast Asia.

While you're in Singapore, check out the world's busiest port. You find beautiful beaches, tropical climates, incredible shopping, insane food and vibrant night-life.  

HONOLULU: We're just one week away from the granddaddy of all football games: The Super Bowl. However, this Sunday it's the red-headed stepchild, aka the Pro-Bowl in Honolulu.

It's the NFL equivalent of the all-star game. Of course the players may not give 120 percent because no one wants to wreck an ACL in the off-season. But tickets are way cheaper than the Super Bowl, the players are in a great mood because they're on a free vacation, and it's a fantastic excuse for a dose of paradise in the middle of winter.

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