By the Numbers: How much college students drink on Spring Break and other stats

By the Numbers: How much college students drink on Spring Break and other stats

More than 1.5 million students will party during Spring Break, spending more than a billion dollars in Texas and Florida alone. Let's hit the beach and look at spring break by the numbers.

1) The top spring break hot spots: Panama City, Florida hosts half a million students, and South Padre Island, Texas, rolls out the stain proof carpet for 150,000.

2) While many Panama City residents wish the mayhem would be abolished forever, the March madness brings an estimated $100 million plus dollars to the town of 36,000

3) Spring breakers spend an average of $1,100 a week -- about what a family of four spends on food for an entire month.

4) 40 percent of men plan on being drunk throughout the entire day, while only 33 percent of women list that as an ambition.   

5) While college students normally average about 6 drinks a week, at spring break they consume more like ten a day!    

6) 80 percent of parents worry that their kids will drink on spring break -- um make that 100 percent after reading this article.

7) In South Padre Island during Spring Break, an average of 25 people are arrested a day, and $80,000 are collected in fines!  

8) Spring Break isn’t just about partying. Last year more than 10,000 high school and college students signed up to spend their Spring Breaks building houses with habitat for humanity.

9) 100,000 students bring the fiesta to Cancun Mexico because of the lower drinking age and lower prices on booze and bail.  

10)  2,600 Americans are arrested on Spring Break overseas each year.


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