Cincinnati sees surge in cupcake bakeries around town


Cupcakes may be small, but they're taking over as one of the biggest trends in new bakeries. Whether you're looking for big, small, simple or fancy, Cupcake Crazy in Cincinnati has them all.

"All the cupcakes are just real delicious. She keeps them changing everyday," said customer Nick Flerleg.

Owner Lisa Ebbert says she started making cupcakes just for fun.

"I was walking with some friends one day and they knew that we always had cupcakes coming out of our ears. We were trying to give them to everybody. They said you guys should sell your cupcakes," Ebbert said.

Ebbert opened up Cupcake Crazy a few months ago at the corner of Montgomery and Stewart Roads in Silverton. They also use the space to host meetings and birthday parties. Its pink and seafoam green colors have been a hit with customers.

Ebbert and her daughters make the cupcakes from scratch.

"There's always kids walking in the door coming up to the windows just so excited. When they cone in and see what's out there, there's eyes just light up," Ebbert said.

But they aren't the only cupcake place in the area. There's another popular bakery making sweet mini-cakes. Abby Girl Sweets Cupcakery is located downtown near Fifth and Race streets.

"They get all excited. It's their first time here and they want to know what flavors we have. They ooh and awe," said Nathan Thompson who named the bakery after his daughter.

It's easy to see why customers can't keep their hands off these treats with flavors like Madagscar vanilla bean.

"My favorite is actually the lemon-licious and the strawberry delight and if I had to choose a third, which I don't mind would be the cookies and cream," said customer Yolanda Stevens.

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