Don’t be a DINK! – 4 new acronyms describing you

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By: Jimmy Rhoades | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 7:13 PM, Jun 20, 2017

Are you a dink, pank, or dewk? No, we aren't calling you names – we're seeing what demographic you're in. Ever since the word "YUPpie" (young, urban professional) popped up, we've been creating more and more acronyms to describe groups of people under a common name; and 2017 has a few new ones for you. Jimmy Rhoades helps us figure out where we fit in this world of YUPs, millenials, and HENRYs:

1. DINKs

If you and your mate have the house to yourselves (and maybe a couple of pets), you've got more moolah than the rest of your abbreviation counterparts since two jobs doubles your income; and no kids means more moolah to spend on yourself; you lucky, DINK, you.

2. DEWKs

No, you don't get any countries as this kind of "duke" unfortunately, but you do get the love of certain marketers who will try harder to sell you things – maybe even a country! (Probably not a country).


Even the ladies can be HENRYs – individuals that earn a high amount of money, but still don't have investable, rich people assets. That doesn't shop this group from spending a lot of dough shopping, however – you do have to live a little.

4. PANKs

If you're one of these, you're nieces and nephews thank you – they're women with no children of their own but have no problem spoiling their extended children. If anyone is looking for someone to spoil, this author is taking applications for temporary aunts…

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