Everyone's Talking: Cast of ‘Les Miserables' chatting up on talk shows

Everyone's Talking: Cast of ‘Les Miserables' chatting up on talk shows

The cast of the highly anticipated "Les Miserables" has been busy on the talk show circuit lately.

On "Late Show with David Letterman" the star of the musical, Anne Hathaway, proved she marches to her own drummer especially when paparazzi tried to intrude on her big September wedding.

“My family goes, ‘What do you want us to do?’ and without thinking I said, ‘Give them the finger!’” Hathaway said.

Hugh Jackman was on "Live with Kelly and Michael" where he opened up about Russell Crowe's crazy cast parties.

“He loves to sing, and if you go to a Russell Crowe party, when you guys get invited, you have to bring a song with you, man. You have to sing. You have to bring it,” Jackman said.

In the movie, the stars actually sing live. The orchestra and sound was added later. Hugh says he lost a ton of weight for the role and it definitely impacted his acting.

“I look very grumpy in the scene, there was no acting required. I was incredibly grumpy,” Jackman said.

The entire cast of “Les Miserables” was also on "Today," where Matt Lauer informed Jackman of a compliment he heard from the movie’s director, Tom Hooper.

“He said if Hugh Jackman didn't exist, I don't think I would have done this film,” Lauer said.

“I wish you would've told me that earlier. I could've negotiated a slightly better deal after my 3 hour audition,” Jackman said.

And that’s the stars of "Les Miserables" getting everyone talking on The List’s Everyone’s Talking.

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