Everyone's Talking: Stars of 'Cougar Town' move to cable

Everyone's Talking: Stars of 'Cougar Town' move to cable

Everyone's talking on TV talk shows, and this week it's all about the hit show "Cougar Town."

In the show, Courtney Cox stars as a recently divorced woman finding her way back into the dating world. Courtney stopped by "Conan" on TBS, where her show's fourth season is premiering. She revealed how the show has changed since it moved from ABC to cable.

“I was wearing my shirts lower because I felt like now that I'm on cable, I can show more boobs. I don't know what's going to happen in Season 2, but I figure we're going to go down all the way,” said Courtney.

Her co-star Busy Phillips, who is pregnant in real life, was on “Live with Kelly and Michael” talking about the insane amount of wine the cast drinks on the show ... even more on cable.

“We drink a little bit more wine. I mean I obviously drink grape juice, but yeah, it's been awesome,” said Busy.

Always good to have someone pregnant on the set to be the designated driver.

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