Web Extra: Watch Teresa Strasser try fencing


Extended Web Segment:  Fencing is What's Trending!  Angelina Jolie, Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Mark Zuckerberg, Paul Rudd, and David Beckham do it -- and all of them have great bodies.

PHOTOS: Host Teresa Strasser tries fencing

But it's not just celebrities who have taken up the sport. Fencing has taken off in gyms across the country. Arizona's Village Club Fencing Coach Jim Barbour says the ratio of males and females who are getting into the sport is about equal, although he suspects that before long, more women will be fencing than men.

"As soon as I'm done fencing I'm thinking very quickly, I'm moving fast and I'm super jacked up," said Melissa Bull, a 49-year-old mom who is a member of the Village Fencing Club.

Some of the benefits of fencing include:

  • Burning 800 calories an hour
  • Getting a mental not just a physical workout
  • Improving your reflexes

"At the end of a fencing tournament we regularly find that we've lost 1.5 to two pounds of weight," said Barbour.

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