Get Better Sleep with 5 Videos Made for Bedtime

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By: Frenchie Aguilh | Dave Taylor Posted: 7:06 PM, Oct 11, 2017

With all the stress we've got in our lives, sometimes the best remedy of all is hitting the hay for bedtime. But if you can't seem to get to sleep without tossing and turning, we've found 5 YouTube videos that'll help you catch Z's tonight; all you've got to do is press play.

1. Baa Baa Land

This Oscar-deserving film produced by the app Calm, the masters of meditation and helping you chill out, is being called "a masterpiece of slow cinema". Think of it as a real life version of counting sheep – the stars of the film even have numbers on them! Baa Baa Land is bound to lull you into such a deep calm that you'll be snoozing before you know it – but don't worry: the sheep don't mind. There's a reason it's also been called "the ultimate insomnia cure" after all.

2. Celestial White Noise

Some people swear white noise helps them sleep, but if it just reminds you of a broken TV, try listening to celestial white noise. Instead of the sort of scrambled sound you get from white noise, celestial white noise is calmer and bassier, making for easier relaxation, focus, and deeper sleep. Celestial white noise is meant to mimic what cosmic radiation from space sounds like on a radio receiver. We felt ready for bed after 5 minutes of listening!

And if listening to this video doesn't get you to sleep right away, try thinking about the wide span of space, its infiniteness, and how slow satellites roll by – all that deep thinking might just think you into a deep sleep.

3. Delta Waves Sleep Music

Did you know that deep, restorative sleep is influenced by something called Delta Waves? These slow brainwaves help you wake up feeling fully refreshed and help your body heal by releasing hormones in your sleep that keep your body functioning well during the day.

The best way to regulate your delta waves? Through meditation and with the help of "binaural beats", like this one by YouTube channel, Brainwave Power Music. The frequencies in the music will help you and your brain relax, get to sleep, and keep you sleeping.

4. Guided Meditation

If you like to be lulled to sleep by meditation but need a little hand thinking the right thoughts, check out Jody Whiteley's series of videos meant to help you meditate, relax, and fall into a deep sleep. Between the slow movements of colors on the screen and the soothing sound of Jody's voice, you'll be asleep before you know it – heck, we almost fell asleep while researching it…zzzzz…

5. Relaxing Nature with Johnnie Lawson

Johnnie Lawson is an visual artist who specializes in capturing Irish nature scenes. His most popular video features the trifecta of relaxing nature sounds: birds chirping, river water flowing, and the sound of rustling leaves. A lot of people use nature sounds to fall asleep, but this particular video of Lawson's has made over 30 million people say that it's one of the best for concentration, relaxation, and longer, more restful sleep.

His video has gotten so many people relaxed and sleepy, it even attracted the attention of psychologists who used the sounds to help patients suffering from stress! Now that's an endorsement.

Bonus: Samuel L. Jackson's "Go the $%&! to Sleep"

While you might not be able to fall asleep listening to this video due to laughing so much at Sam Jackson's voice relaxingly (and foul-mouthedly) telling a story where a small child refuses to sleep, at least all that giggling might make you pretty tired; or at least relax you enough that sleep comes even easier.

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