Headlines Around the World: Extreme weather in Philippines, China and Australia

Headlines Around the World: Extreme weather in Philippines, China and Australia

From typhoons to major snowstorms and even scorching temps, it’s all about extreme weather in Headlines Around the World.

PHILIPPINES: In southeast Asia, 300 people have lost their lives and hundreds are missing after an intense typhoon walloped the Philippines. There are numerous dramatic pictures of rescues and residents trying to escape their flooded homes. The fast moving storm decimated beach resorts and dive spots on many of the country's islands. Roads remain blocked, hampering rescue efforts as landslides and flooding continues in many coastal towns.

CHINA: In China, neighbors in some parts of the northeast are dealing with blizzard conditions. Planes were delayed and highways were immobilized. But what attracted the most attention was the world's first high-speed railway line. The line runs through three provinces in northern China and this is the first time it's been tested under severe weather. The train ran on time for most of the storm thanks to tracks equipped with settings that can melt snow in a short time, and anti-freezing material on the rails.   

AUSTRALIA: Summer is off to a scorching start in the land down under. Beaches and pools are jammed as temperatures are already over 100 degrees. Fire crews in eastern Australia have been busy battling bush fires in the heat wave, and now there are fears of blackouts as air conditioners are overtaxing the electric grid. 

Wild weather across the world on this edition of Headlines Around the World.   



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