Headlines Around the World: Dramatic rescues from trains, sharks and rain

Headlines Around the World: Dramatic rescues from trains, sharks and rain

Dramatic rescues caught on camera are on this edition of Headlines around the World.

SPAIN: In Spain at the Madrid Metro Station, a woman fainted on the platform and fell directly onto the track in the path of an oncoming train. An off-duty police officer saw it all and wasted no time pulling the senorita to safety. 

Other passengers signaled the driver of the oncoming train to stop. Amazingly, this dame in Spain who fell mainly in front of a train walked away uninjured.

AUSTRALIA: In Australia, a man rescued beachgoers from a shark by guiding the monster out to sea with his bare hands. As vacationers were running for their lives, this audacious Aussie went to the shark, gently pushing the dusky whaler away from shore. 

Even after the coast was clear, the chaos kept some swimmers on shore.

Animal experts believe the shark could have come to shore because it was sick, but a return to the ocean will help its chances of recovery. 

INDONESIA: In the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, residents finally headed home after monsoon rains triggered severe floods. Thousands of people were forced to evacuate after the torrential downpours. Many were rescued in rafts after neck-deep waters rushed through pockets of the city.  Jakarta has more than 870 miles of man-made waterways and 40 percent of the land is below sea level making it prone to flooding disasters.  

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