Headlines Around the World: Winter wonderlands across the globe

Headlines Around the World: Winter wonderlands across the globe

Winter wonderlands across the globe with snow and ice and everything nice that comes with it, on this edition of Headlines Around the World.

EAST CHINA: In East China endangered pandas are happy as clams in heavy snow and frigid temperatures. Pandas eat about half the day, which is why we often see them in videos gnawing on their favorite delicacy - bamboo. There are only a handful of pandas remaining in zoos across China and there are only about a thousand left in the wild.

CHINA: Two thick-skinned eccentrics stayed in ice huts with the temperature below zero for an annual event called “Frozen for 24 Hours.” The challengers are required to stay in the ice rooms for 24 hours without eating, drinking, or sleeping -- and wearing only underoos.  What's the secret to their success?  Toughness, and apparently nicknames. The two guys who went the distance were nicknamed "Huahgshan Mountain Polar Bear" and "Dentist the Grate White."

JAPAN: At the Asahiyama Zoo in Hokkaido, the penguins sure know how to ring in the New Year.Every January they entertain tourists with their daily waddle. It’s one of the zoo's most popular winter attractions.

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