Adverts Around the World: Egg underwear, prissy cat and chicken ramen

Entertaining endorsements can be translated in any language, on that’s what we’ve done on this edition of Adverts around the World.

Our first advert is from France where they have an underwear ad unlike any you've ever seen. Forget models with abs like egg cartons, let's test these babies with... eggs?   We're going to recommend NOT doing this while wearing the underwear.

Now to New Zealand, to check out a prissy little kitty. Clearly, his cat is the king of this castle. And that lion-sized volume of self-esteem comes from one thing -- insulation.   

Next we head to Thailand for some iPad Thai? The guy in this commercial is more likely to get a chipped tooth than a chip in his mouth because his Mister Potato Chips keep turning into Apple products. We’re not sure if they're made in China, too. 

In Japan, they make some crazy neon commercials, and this one is downright adorable. Check out this Chicken Ramen vendor with the catchy song. Then all of a sudden a woman comes to poop on the party, but that's no match for the catch of Chicken Ramen!

Watching the wacky world of commercials in Adverts around the world!



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