The Explorer: Romantic getaways that span mountains, islands and rainforest

The Explorer: Romantic getaways that span mountains, islands and rainforest

Looking for a romantic getaway?  Here are some of our favorite romantic dream vacations at "The List."

1) First on our list is a peak experience that will have you singing your love from the mountain tops. To get there, you’ll have to hop on a train that looks like it's heading to Hogwarts and toss away your troubles at this Swiss cloud-kisser called the Kulm Hotel.  

Then it’s time to dazzle your date with a starlight dinner in one of the Kulm Hotels observatories. At 12,000 feet, the reception is amazing.

2) Romance continues in sky-high in the land of Thai. There you can canoodle up a storm in the Khao Sok Paradise Resort in Thailand. It’s the perfect mix of unspoiled rainforest and the amenities of home.

The Khao Sok forest is older and more diverse than the Amazon. The friendly staff will mollycoddle you while nature's lullaby eases you into a blissful sleep.   

3) Finally, for the most romantic getaway we could find, head to Bora Bora.  This is an island in French Polynesia, but visitors say it's like a sampler platter of heaven.

Kissed by warm breezes and turquoise waters, it's world-renowned for its aquacentric tourism, with snorkeling and scuba galore, and dive operators offering manta ray and shark encounters.

Thirty years ago Hotel Bora Bora built the over-water bungalows the have become a standard of most resorts in the archipelago. Accommodations range from modest to extremely luxurious and expensive.

And that’s our list of romantic retreats for you and your peeps on The Explorer.


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