Commercials from Around the World: Burger King, roommates chilling and bubble tea – at McDonald's

We certainly have our share of bizarre commercials in the United States, but we’re not the only ones.  Advertising companies have come up with some zany ads that will make laugh – or leave you asking, "what they were thinking?"

1) BURGER KING: They are serious about Burger King in Russia especially with this commercial that is both gangster and random.  While American Burger King ads concentrate on quality ingredients, the Russians focus on tattoos, unicorns and rave parties. 

At almost 2 minutes long, it's more like a fever dream than a commercial.

2) AIR CONDITIONING: In this Iraqi air conditioning ad, it’s so hot that roommates are forced to move into the fridge. And they seem to be pretty chill with the situation. But why lie there next to a wilted stalk of celery when you can let the breeze blow through your beautiful hair?



3) MARKER: Oh no, tragedy has struck in India. The poor woman in the commercial has just lost her husband and her friends are trying to help her move on. But then a miracle happens. Her husband comes back to life and we see the permanent proposal. He used a marker for her Bindi -- that's the red dot displaying her marital status. 



4) BUBBLE TEA: This commercial might be a little hard to follow so make sure you pay attention when watching.  It’s a German McDonald’s commercial for bubble tea. Oh yeah, that’s right bubble tea which is probably the reason for the multi-colored dots, and yes, there is a reason for the flying  straws.


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