The Explorer: Stalking exotic cats in the wild

It's funny how similar moms all around the world are, even when they are covered in fur. Making our Explorer list are the moms of the exotic cat world.

1) BENGAL TIGER: In the jungles of India, Bengal tigers are rare and beautiful creatures, and their Bengal bambinos are too.  Tigresses give birth to litters of two to six cubs and raise them with little or no help from Dad. But there are no "boomerang kittens" for Tiger Mom. After two or three years, she gives them the boot, forcing them out into the world. 

There are only 4000 Bengal tigers left in the world, and only 1000 in the wild. The rest in captivity.. 

To help these creatures survive, please donate to a conservation group such as:

2) JAGUAR: In Central America and Belize, is where you’ll find the elusive Jaguar, which is more sleek and powerful even than its namesake XJ sedan.  

Unlike many cats Jaguars do not avoid water, and are skilled at fishing. Females have litters of one to four cubs, which are blind and helpless at birth. Young jaguars learn to hunt by shadowing their mommas for two years.  There is no time for postpartum depression in their worlds. The mama tiger stays close to them at all times, defending them from predators, sometimes even from Dad. 

3) LIONS: In Africa, on the Serengeti, is where you’ll find lions, the mighty kings of the jungle.  

Lions live in groups called prides, but females move to a secluded den when having a litter of cubs. Mom keeps the tiny tykes away from the pride until they are six to eight weeks old, teaching them life-skills and giving them the love and sense of security they'll need to be the next generation's kings and queens of the Jungle.   

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