Game On: Athletes bringing seasonal hope

Athletes are scoring hope this Christmas season in this edition of Game On.

A Houston Texan player's big heart gave a dozen special kids a Texas-sized shopping spree. It happened at Toys R Us. Wide receiver Andre Johnson told the children to grab a cart and go nuts.  The kids showed some NFL quality agility as they raced through the aisles. They racked up $19,000.

Next on our Game On list of the season of hope is New York Jets back-up Quarterback Tim Tebow. His foundation has helped thousands of children and this Christmas season is no exception. He's raising more than a million dollars for a children's hospital in the Philippines.

Construction on the hospital began in February. It will  focus on pediatric orthopedic surgeries for needy kids.

Finally, a 71-year-old man from Minnesota shone a bright light for athletes around the world. Don Wright was diagnosed with blood cancer 9 years ago, but it hasn't stopped him from his love of running marathons. Last weekend in Hawaii, he reached his goal of running a marathon in all 50 states.

Don's been able to control his illness thanks to a drug that's being used in clinical trials and he says nothing will stop him from his passion to run.  

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