Incredulist: Car crashes into house, robbers who steal a bank and thieves caught on tape

We’ve got some incredible images caught on camera on the Incredulist for November 13.

CAR IN LIVING ROOM: Finding a new car in the driveway is a Christmas dream, but finding a car in your living room – um, not so much.

A California family came home from dinner and found a driver had smashed into their home at 80 miles an hour. The car slammed through the living area, kitchen and parts of the bathroom and bedroom. Thankfully the teen driver made it out alive. Her family blames the accident on a jammed gas pedal.

HOME INVASION ON TAPE: Surveillance cameras recorded two attackers during a home invasion. It began when two men knocked on Anthony Girox's door and asked if they could do yard work.  When he turned them down, they asked for water and then the guy came through the gate with a gun.   

The men snatched up all the valuables in the house. Then they noticed the cameras, and bolted. It was too late for the invaders though. The cameras helped police nab both men.

TENNESSEE HEIST: There are two ways to rob a bank: you can take the money from inside – or you can steal the whole bank. Surveillance video showed a stolen forklift impale an ATM and then load the machine onto a stolen pick-up truck.  The robbers ditched the ATM and truck after cleaning out the cash.    

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