Incredulist: Woman rearranges patio furniture -- that isn't hers

Bizarre surveillance video is making our Incredulist this week.

1) Our first video that was caught on tape comes from the aptly-named town of Burnsville, Minnesota where sunlight started a fire in a liquor store.

The surveillance video from the Fox TV station in Minneapolis showed how vodka on a shelf acted like a magnifying glass. When the sun blasted through the windows, a cardboard display began to smoke, and then a ceiling fan antagonized the flames. Before they knew it, the flames were shooting to the ceiling.

2) Another bizarre video comes from Albuquerque.  The video shows Carl and Angela Dentandt's patio furniture – along with a random woman caught on the surveillance camera rearranging it. Carl and Angela said they have no idea what this woman was thinking.  They laughed the first time, but when the woman showed up on the second day and rearranged it again, they began to worry that something strange was going on.

3) The last video on the November 7 version on the Incredulist is about the owner of a tattoo gallery and coffee shop in Pennsylvania. He decided it was cheaper to glue 250,000 pennies to the floor than buy tile. 

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