The Explorer: 3 things you should see when traveling to Barcelona

The Explorer: 3 things you should see when traveling to Barcelona

New economic figures released Friday in Spain put a spotlight on what travel experts believe is a real opportunity for US holiday travelers. With the European Union approving Spain's bail out, you can take a trip there for a steal.

Barcelona is renowned for its culture, history, and gusto.  While there, you’ll see parks, architecture and the vibrant street life that make the Mediterranean gem ideal for strolling.

La Sagrada Familia is a Roman Catholic basilica that seats more than 13,000 people and when finished will have 18 towers. Construction began in 1882. It's currently only half way done, but the goal is to complete it by 2026.

Architect  Antoni Gaudi spent the last 40 years of his life working on the church making sure the tallest tower was one meter shorter than the nearby hills because he didn't want his creation to be bigger than God's.

With your strong dollar, this could be the time to treat yourself to a stay at the super-swanky Majestic Hotel and Spa, in the heart of Barcelona.

Built in 1918 it features beautiful art work and a world class view of another Anton Gaudi masterpiece, the Casa Battlo. It also overlooks the eccentric Parc Guell.

This may also be the right for a splurge at Dos Palillos. Considered Barcelona's number one restaurant, this beautiful eatery marries traditional Spanish tapas with delicate savors of Asia, combining the best of both worlds.

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