The Explorer: Finding your way into forbidden destinations like Cuba and Burma

The Explorer: Finding your way into forbidden destinations like Cuba and Burma

According to the Seattle times, Cuba and Burma, two previously forbidden vacations, are now selling out tours due to some recent lifts on travel embargoes.    

Cuba was once called the Latin Las Vegas, It's a land stuck in time which accounts for the unique beauty of Old Havana.  

Even though travel restrictions have eased, getting there can be a bit tricky. Travelers have to fly from approved travel companies like Friendly Planet. They offer a four-night getaway which costs $1,899 per person and that includes your own private escort.

Highlights of the trip include: Staying at Hotel Nacional de Cuba, meeting with experts on U.S. Cuban relations, learning to salsa at a weekly block party, visiting a neighborhood known for its Afro-Cuban culture, seeing a cigar factory and learning about the art of hand-rolling, and you'll visit with a historian at the mansion and museum of Ernest Hemingway.

Once forbidden, Cuba now beckons with a mojito in its sun-tanned outstretched hand.

In November Barack Obama was the first American President to visit Burma. If the Commander-in-Chief can check it out so should you.

Formerly the area was under military rule, but in 2011 Burma opened its doors to tourism. Like Cuba, Friendly Planet also offers trips to Burma.

Starting at $3,299 per person you will fly into Yangon and stay at Chatirum Hotel. While there, you should definitely visit the temples of Began.

The best time experience this former taboo treasure is between November and February during the dry season. Just be sure to stick with your group. Anything else is forbidden.

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