The Hot List: Snitches in Ditches, 98 Degree Comeback and Gold

Pop Culture On Fire

2/22/13 - Molten gold, 98-degrees of hotness, and a rock-solid father brings the heat undercover.   Pop culture on fire, on the hot list. 

Bringing steam on the small screen -- the finale of the Discovery Channel's blockbuster "Gold Rush!"  Neilsen numbers it as the top-rated Friday cable show and the  second-most watched Discovery Channel series of all time, trumped only by "Deadliest Catch."  Go for the gold while you can -- season three wraps up tonight.

Next is the new action drama "Snitch," starring hottie Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.  It's the story of a father whose son is imprisoned after being set up in a drug deal.   Johnson goes undercover for the DEA and puts the heat on the cartels, burning them down and smoking them out.  Snitches may get stitches but the cartel catches hell -- in theaters tonight. 

Finally lets crank up the heat to a sizzling hot 98-degrees!  That's right, they're back!  And their new album, the first in 13 years, drops on May 7th.  Here they are in a blister-raising reunion on the today show last august.

Minerals, The Rock, and rock-and-roll, all on The Hot List.


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