The Incredulist: $1.7 million fish, kangaroo at the airport and elk falls into pool

One fish, two fish, one-point-seven-million dollar blue fish, on this edition of The Incredulist.

JAPAN: In Japan a fish sold for a record $1.7 million. The fish was sold at the legendary Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo where nearly $8 billion of wholesale seafood is sold every year. The head of a popular sushi chain bought the expensive Blue Fin tuna. It weighed a whopping 489 pounds. He says the fish will yield 10,000 pieces of sushi. That means he won't even break even unless he charges nearly $200 a slice.

AUSTRALIA: It's not unusual to see jumpy passengers at an airport, but it was a kangaroo in the parking deck at the Melbourne Airport that made the cops crack a fruity. The 3-year-old Easter Gray kangaroo was able to dodge authorities for about two hours before officers were able to corner it. A wildlife officer tranquilized the little guy so he could be released back into the wild.

SWEDEN:  An emergency crew had to be called in to rescue an elk after he fell through a swimming pool cover in Sweden.  The big guy was wandering around a residential area outside Stockholm when the metal sheet covering the pool gave way. Crews had to use a harness and a ladder to hoist the powerful animal out.

There are more than 350,000 elk in Sweden so it's not uncommon to see them roaming in the suburbs. We bet this guy will head for the country though.

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