The Incredulist: 3 stories of thanks on Thanksgiving

It time for a time of thanks on The Incredulist.

GOODWILL AT THE GOODWILL:  Give some thanks for the good will from the Goodwill store in Houston. A worker found something extra inside a donated pair of shoes. They found a large wad of $100 bills that added up to $3,300. The manager set the money aside and soon after a woman called when she realized her husband had donated them -- not knowing she'd stashed their life savings in the shoes.

LOST DOG FOUND:  A woman was thankful to be reunited with her dog after it had been missing for seven months.  Cassandra Drayton searched for weeks when her dog Foxy ran away. After six months, she gave up and held a funeral for the pooch. But just when she thought hope was gone, her daughter found Foxy on She'd been picked up as a stray and was at the shelter.

SEAWORLD HOLIDAY: In San Diego, several families were thankful for a holiday with their children.These kids from the children's hospital helped light the trees at Seaworld.



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