The Incredulist: 6 million dollar dog and a $100 Secret Santa

Amazing gifts of humanity is what's on our Incredulist.

6 MILLION DOLLAR DOG: A Chihuahua in New Mexico is about to become a six million dollar dog. Peggy is a three-legged dog, but thanks to a research program in North Carolina, she'll soon have full mobility. It’s all due to a prosthesis the size of a human finger.

Peggy's nerves will connect to electrodes so she'll be able to do everything a dog should do like scratch, run, and play with abandon.  Molds of her tiny leg have been sent to Germany and France, where the paw will be assembled.

She is the smallest animal in the U.S. to get a prosthetic.

KANSAS CHRISTMAS TRADITION: In Kansas City, a secret Santa gave away 100 dollar bills to needy families who have no idea it's coming. An anonymous businessman went on the prowl for people who looked like they could use help. The name “Secret Santa” was stamped in red ink on each bill.

Secret Santa says it isn't about money or things but about the Christmas spirit of giving.

"I would encourage everybody to give themselves a gift this Christmas and that's to do random acts of kindness for somebody else because you'll get more back than what you give," said the Secret Santa.





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