The Incredulist: A daring sheep rescue, a man who pulls a truck with his ear and a 97-year-old DJ

Some of the incredible stories from around the world this week include:

A kayaker in England helped rescue a sheep stuck in the River Trent. Matt Williams posted a video of the rescue on YouTube. Williams has disabled the embed code on YouTube, so you'll need to click on the link below if you want to watch the entire rescue.

Next on our Incredulist is a Georgian man who set a new world record for strength. Lasha Pataraya pulled an 8 ton truck with his ear. This isn't the first time he's used his ear to set a crazy record. He once pulled a helicopter that weighed seven tons.

Finally a woman has been a radio DJ for nearly a century and is still on the air. Maruja Venegas, 97, began broadcasting at age 15 and launched one of Peru's top radio shows back in 1944. She may have silver hair to go with her golden throat, but she's still putting on the platinum hits... and that's music to everyone's ears.

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