The Incredulist: A scary goat, no more coffee and Texas faces helium shortage

They say nothing lasts forever, and on the November 19 edition of The Incredulist, we look at some of our favorite things that may be running out.

GOAT ON THE RUN: In Utah, a goat broke his chain and went on a rampage. He chased a terrified 14-year-old paper boy into a tree.  Jaxson Gessel was on his early morning paper route when he noticed a creature approaching.  He didn't think much of it ... at first. 

"And then it made a weird noise. Kind of like a grunting noise,” Gessel said.

He thought it was more like a chupacabra than a dog or a goat, so Gessel climbed a tree, where he and the goat had an hour-long stare down.  Eventually police helped the paper boy get down, and the goat was returned home.   

NO MORE JAVA:  hold on to your coffee mug, because the world may be running out of your more beans for your morning brew.

Scientists in London and Ethiopia say Arabica coffee could be extinct by 2080. The reason is that many coffee beans come from a limited genetic stock that can't adapt to pests or disease.

NO HELIUM:  In Texas, they are running out of helium -- and it may ground Houston's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Suppliers blame the shortage on lots of reasons, like the government privatizing the U.S. supply.

Parade organizers are on a mission to track down 22,000 pounds of helium



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