The Incredulist: Celebrating births, weddings and death in innovative ways

It used to be so simple. People were born. They got married.  And eventually they died. Thanks to technology, the cycle of life is going to a whole new level on The Incredulist. 

SONOGRAM PARTIES: Let's start at the beginning, with sonogram parties.  These parties are where pregnant couples invite family and friends to see their baby in the belly. For around $500, a licensed technician will bring a mobile monitor to your home -- and your guests can tuck into chicken wings and Mojitos while they check out the ultrasound.

WATER JET WEDDING: It won't be long until those babies from the sonogram party are up and ready to walk down the aisle or something more modern – like newlyweds with jet packs.

If your wedding plans are more impulsive, send a text to the Las Vegas Wedding Wagon and they'll come hitch you curbside for just $129. This includes Reverend Andy and photos.

GOING OUT IN STYLE: Finally, a Swedish company wants you to go out in style in a casket with a built-in sound system.  The creator of the hi-fi coffin says it can help friends and family stay close with their loved ones. The coffin has built-in speakers linked to a music playlist that your survivors can update -- like when the Grateful Dead drop a new CD.

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