The Incredulist: Crawling dolphin, dog found in snow and street crossing cat

Furry friends at home and those swimming in the sea are the incredible animals on the Incredulist.

NEW YORK: There was a miraculous rescue in New York.  Maggie, a 17-year-old lab mix, went missing in a snowstorm the night after Christmas

 "We went out looking for her, but it was white out conditions so it was really hard to try to find her,” said Maggie’s owner.

Five days later, and a mile away, 11-year-old Austin Gibson was sitting on a snow bank practicing his turkey call when Maggie stood up where she had burrowed in the snow.

"She was just standing there wagging her tail and looking at us. I ripped my coat off and put it around her because she was shaking and she was really cold," said Gibson.

Maggie had a heartwarming reunion with her family, thanks to a boy doing a turkey call.

UKRAINE: A dolphin trainer in the Ukraine taught a Black Sea Bottlenose a new trick.  He can crawl alongside the pool.

"After I noticed that I fixed it in his mind, I gave him some fish and he liked it. Now it happens all the time. After every stunt he is swimming and splashing his tail on the surface of the water."

RICHLAND: A black cat named Sable greets students in West Richland, Washington each morning and again in the afternoon as they cross the street. Sable's owner says she started doing this a year ago when she snuck out one day and hasn't stopped since.



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