The Incredulist: Dumb thieves and a stuck dolphin

Daring, dumb, and delicate.  We have dimwits and dolphins caught on camera on this edition of The Incredulist.

STOLEN REGISTER: In Florida, the cash from the drawer wasn't enough for a thief. He took the whole register. After roaming around the aisles at a CVS store, the knucklehead had a revelation and grabbed the register. Cops say the suspect was caught on another video, outside a bank of all places, smashing the register.

TRUCK IN STORE: Security cameras caught three burglars breaking into a convenience store -- the hard way.  They drove their truck into an Iowa Kwik Stop. Why did these criminals turn the place into a drive-thru?  They wanted a video poker machine. Police were able to track them down because one of them left his cell phone inside the truck.   

CAUGHT DOLPHIN: Divers in Hawaii helped a dolphin who had a fin is snagged in fishing line. The diver grabbed his knife and cut it to free the dolphin.    

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