The Incredulist: Motorized strollers, shopping carts and wagons

Love to drive? You have to check out these crazy, yet cool motorized inventions on the Incredulist.

SUPERSTROLLER: One handy dad has cooked up a robotic buggy that even a child can chariot. Xandon Frogget used a Wii remote, Xbox connect and a laptop to create this showpiece of high-tech toddler transport.    

SHOPPING WAGON: Next to Pennsylvania where there is a grocery cart that's all kinds of jacked up. This shopping wagon is 9 feet tall, 12 feet long, has a steering wheel, brake pedal and a Chevy block 350 motor.

RADIO FLYER: The classic little red wagon becomes the little “rev” wagon after a Mississippi man used an old ambulance to build a motorized radio flyer.


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