The Incredulist: Near escapes from sharks, freezing water and robbers

Incredibly true and truly incredible stories of escape top the Incredulist.

BOSTON: In Boston, a bottle of vodka helped stop a crime. A guy entered a liquor store and told the workers he had a gun. The cashier followed the robber’s demands, but then another worked grabbed a bottle of vodka and hit him.

AUSTRALIA: While surfing Sydney's coast, Danny Sheather had a way too up-close-and-personal encounter with a shark.

"I got up on a wave and was going along with the wave. Then I felt a hit on my board and it kind of knock me out of my board like forward and then I kind of regained and kept going," Sheather said.

His board was scarred by the shark’s pearly-whites. Luckily he got away without a scratch.

CALIFORNIA:  While sledding on Jackson Lake, a man reached a place where the water wasn’t frozen and he fell in.  Bystanders attempted to help him by throwing ropes and inner tubes his way -- but then they fell in too.  After about eight minutes, a strong swimmer sledded into the water and helped the original guy into an inner tube.   

Eventually everyone was pulled out. All were rescued and safe.


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