The Incredulist: Remembering our heroes overseas this holiday season

It's an extra special time of year for all our heroes fighting overseas. On this segment of The Incredulist, we’re remembering our military in unique ways this holiday season.

In Savannah, Georgia, a 3-year-old girl got a sweet Christmas surprise. Grace Gilliam told Santa all she wanted was her dad home for Christmas. As she was sitting there, the door opened to Santa's little workshop. Standing there was her dad back from Afghanistan.

Then in Wisconsin, Santa granted the same wish for another little girl. Brielle, 5, was visiting with Santa and when she asked for her daddy to come home, he was there waiting for her, too.

But it’s not just kids who are getting special treats this holiday season. Care packages are being put together for military dogs.  A vet center in Kentucky is collecting and sending the boxes all the way to Afghanistan. Inside, the special ops pups can find toys, treats and supplies to help them through tough times.

“Dogs have been used in the military since the revolutionary war and they are forgotten sometimes. We really want to bless these dogs and change things for them. One of the dogs we're sponsoring is on his 9th round of service,” said the vet.

The vet is also trying to adopt at least 10 military dogs currently in service.

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