The Incredulist: Stealing a house, a ring and the show

It’s all about theft on the November 16 version of The Incredulist.

GIANT SINKHOLE: In Florida, a giant sinkhole swallowed up a front lawn and nearly took a house. Now engineers are worried dozens of nearby homes are in trouble. Authorities believe a ground water system could be to blame and the fix is expected to cost up to $30,000.

EXPENSIVE RING:  Thieves were caught on tape stealing a $54,000 ring. In the blink of an eye, a 5 carat diamond ring was gone and replaced with a fake.  But a woman in a white shirt was videotaped stretching and slipping the ring into her purse.

HORSE NAMED JUSTIN: In this case, it's the artist and not his work that stole the show. Justin is a horse from Indiana who's gotten international attention. He began painting two years ago after he starting stealing his owner's riding whip and making brush strokes in the sand.

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