The Incredulist: Tree falls on car, Coast Guard tree shippment and giant bear

Early Christmas miracles and cheers are the focus of this edition of the Incredulist.

OREGON:  A couple was trapped inside their car when a 100-foot fir tree fell on top of it. Amazingly, they were able to walk away after they were rescued.  Hundreds of thousands of pounds came down on their vehicle when the tree was uprooted. The weight was so intense that the floorboard of the car was on the asphalt pavement.

"They must have had a bright light shining on them. If you look at the passenger's compartment, especially the driver's compartment, there's about a space the size of two loaves of bread in there," said one of the rescuers.

CHICAGO: A Chicago tradition arrived on a red and white Coast Guard ship. The ship is the Cutter Mackinaw and it’s loaded with 1,300 Christmas trees for the needy.  Water deliveries of Christmas trees to the windy city first began in the early 1900s but a ship sank in 1912 and cut the tradition short. It was revived in 2000.  

IOWA:  An Iowa man made a giant bear from bales of hay. It weighs more than 6 tons. Usually the owner stores the bales behind a barn but with the help of his kids, he was able to create this incredible display. The bear is taller than a semi-truck

Holiday spirit is everywhere on the Incredulist.   





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