The Incredulist: Underwater Santa, Christmas thieves and a special surprise

It’s that time of year. Yup, Santa's coming to town and he’s doing his annual performance reviews.  It’s time for “Naughty or Nice” on the Incredulist.

UNDERWATER SANTA: First up, Santa Claus is making his list and checking it twice... underwater. Kris Kringle took a deep dive at an aquarium outside Dallas, Texas.  Looks like Old Saint Nick temporarily swapped out his reindeer and sleigh for an air tank and goggles.

STOLEN GIFTS: Someone is definitely on the naughty list and it’s the Grinch who stole thousands of dollars worth of Christmas gifts collected for poor children. It’s now less than three weeks until the big day and St. Anne's church in Massachusetts is forced to start over.  

SOLDIER SURPRISE: Finally, a Texas boy got Christmas a little early this year.  Ethan Keller, 6, got a better present than Santa could bring down the chimney. His dad, who had been serving overseas for 9 months, came home early and surprised him in front of his whole class.

Staff Sergeant Jesse Keller was stationed in the Persian Gulf but will spend the holidays with his family before learning about his next mission.






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