Lego-themed resort opening spring 2013 features 250 rooms

If you build it, they will come.  That's what the creators of the first Legoland hotel in the U.S. are counting on when it opens this spring.

"Lego characters have exploded out of the box and taken over the hotel," said Nick Varney, CEO of the Merline Entertainments Group that owns the resort.
Located in Carlsbad, California at the Legoland resort outside San Diego, it's expected to be dream come true for kids and Lego lovers alike.  
The hotel will feature more than 3,500 Lego models and 250 rooms, each with its own theme.  
"It's gonna be just the most amazing room," Varney said.
Whether you choose pirate, kingdom, or adventure themed rooms, creators say the fun starts before you even enter and prices starts around $160 per night.
"Our doorways are themed.  We have our Lego torch just behind us," said Lindsay Whitehead with the similar Legoland Resort in Windsor, UK.
Elsewhere, you'll find a family restaurant packed with Lego characters, a bar , where adults can look out at the imaginary view, and an interactive play area.
Now, as you might have guessed, the hotel isn't actually made of Lego blocks and that's probably a structurally sound decision.
Lego blocks have come a long way in last 50 years.  The simple bucket of bricks have transformed into specialty kits allowing you to create elaborate masterpieces, but the name is still synonymous with childhood.
"I remember I had a little building or a house that we would always build and play with," one man said inside the LEGO store.  "It was a lot of fun."  
And you can bet excitement is building for the grand opening on April 5.  
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