8 cool Christmas Tree themes for the 2012 holiday season

COCKEYSVILLE - The gardeners at Valley View Farms Garden Center & Nursery explain how to pick the perfect tree. 

The Thanksgiving weekend is over. That means, it's time to rush out and put up the perfect Christmas tree.

“With a fresh tree, make sure you keep it watered,” said Donna Steele with Valley View Farms.

Hundreds of Douglas and Fraser Fir trees make their way to the Cockeysville garden center and nursery every year. That’s great for the professional decorators, but how can you create these trees at home?

“Start small! Get the garland and the ribbon and some very special ornaments that really touch their hearts and mean something to their families,” advised Steele.

She says Valley View Farms has a list of whacky themed trees on tap.

  1. Beach Tree
  2. Betty Boop Tree
  3. Chesapeake Tree
  4. Girls Night Wine Tree
  5. ‘I Love Lucy’ Tree
  6. Jersey Shore Tree
  7. Man Cave Tree
  8. Teen Dream Tree

Donna says there’s even hope for those trees that need a little extra love.

“The Charlie Brown tree has a place in our hearts. Absolutely I would have so much fun decorating a Charlie Brown tree,” she added. 

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