12 sporty stocking stuffer ideas

BALTIMORE - Marylanders love lacrosse. So it only makes sense one of the leading lacrosse, field hockey and golf suppliers is based in the heart of Baltimore.

“We’re very proud to have some of the local teams here in Maryland. We sponsor Johns Hopkins as well as the Naval Academy.” said STX Marketing Manager Greg Tate. “We have five other teams including Syracuse, UNC and others.” 

Greg said STX was the first company  to patent the modern plastic lacrosse head.

“We also have a patent for the first mesh pocket as well as the first aluminum handle,” Greg said. “We’re all about helping the athlete perform at that next step. That next level. Just raising people’s game.”  

STX Top 12 Sporty Stocking Stuffer Holiday Gifts


What’s Hot:

  • Men’s Neon Alliance: The Alliance shaft is built with STX's Flex Technology, which optimizes performance by matching a specific flex level to a player's style and field position. It’s constructed with lightweight and high-strength composite materials and has a concave octagon profile with super fine texture for best handle feel. Available in Neon Orange and Neon Green. Retail: $160
  • Women’s Crux Holiday Limited Edition Complete Stick: The popular Crux head has an extreme scoop angle, which provides the most whip and accuracy available on a straight head. Offered with the equally popular runway pocket, this stick offers better ball control and protection. This limited edition complete stick includes the upgraded composite Propel handle. Available in Green and Black. Retail: $140


For the Beginner:

  •  Fiddlestx Classic: These miniature sticks are great for beginners, backyard, beach or dorm play. At 36” with a soft mesh pocket and durable aluminum handle. Each stick comes with a soft orange ball. Available in White, Carolina Blue, Neon Green, Navy Blue, Orange, College Specific. Retail: $20


Stocking Stuffers:

  • Women’s Racerback Tank Top: Perform in style, in the NEW STX Women’s Racer Tank Top. Available in Black. Retail: $25
  • Men’s Winter Beanie: Stay warm while looking good in the NEW STX knit beanie. Available in Black and Grey. Retail: $20


Field Hockey:

What’s Hot:

  • Carba 100 Surge Stick: This black and gold trimmed stick is for the advanced midi and defensive player, providing them with power. Made out of 100 % carbon with a 24mm Mega Bow and Maxi Toe, it is available in lengths 35” to 38”. Retail: $255
  •  Carba 100 Sync Stick: The other stick in the Carba line, the Carba Sync gives the advanced player both power and control over the ball. It is made out of 100% carbon with a 22mm Standard Bow and Maxi Toe. It is available in lengths 35” to 38” Retail: $245    


For Beginners:

  • Starter Pack: Ideal for first-time field hockey players who need to get all of their gear for the upcoming season this pack includes an Azure stick, Prime Stick Bag in Lime, Reversible Shinguards and 2SEE Goggles in Columbia Blue. The Azure stick is ideal for beginners, crafted from high-quality mulberry wood and reinforced fiberglass for strength and durability. The starter pack is available with the stick in lengths: 32", 34", 35", and 36". Retail: $79.99- $89.99


Stocking Stuffers:

  • Hairbands: Hot trend for any women sports players. Players love these colorful, classic hairbands to throw up their hair during a game.  Each pack comes with six assorted colors. Retail: $9.99
  • Wristbands: Field hockey players also love these cotton terry spandex wristbands for games. They come in a pack of 4, with assorted colors including Blue, Pink, Columbia Blue, and White. Retail: $9.99


For the Golfing Pro:

  •  Xform 1: This modern blade features a deep diamond milling pattern cut into it’s extremely soft 304 Stainless Steel providing the softest feel desired by the best players in the world.  Its soft satin finish and machined details create a glare free and rich appearance.  This state of the art putter is offered in both 34” and 35” and is priced at $249.


For Beginners:

  • Sync Series 2: features our F.E.E.L (Friction Enhancing Elastomer Layer) technology which imparts a greater amount of forward spin by maximizing friction between the putter face and the ball.  The Sync Series 2 is a modern mallet design with a center shaft element which creates a face balanced weighting to help the player keep the face square throughout the stroke.  Available in 34” and 35” as well as 2 distinctive F.E.E.L options, the Black face is the softest allowed by the USGA and the red face provides a firmer response.  The Sync Series are priced at $99


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