12/12/12 Wednesday Weddings and last minute bridal gowns

Baltimore County Courts marry couples for 12/12/12

TOWSON - December 12, 2012 is best known as 12-12-12. It’s a triple date and the last of its kind until January 1, 2101.

Wednesday, blushing brides and handsome grooms filled the Baltimore County Courthouse to tie the knot . It’s their once in a lifetime opportunity.

“You never quite know what to expect or what you’re going to see,” said Baltimore County Circuit Clerk Julie Ensor. She sees couples go all out for their special day – especially when it falls on such a significant date.

“The excitement builds. A lot of them are dressed up so they’re here for a wedding,” said Julie. “Sometimes they have jeans and they are very casual. But quite often they have cocktail dresses or even formal gowns and beautiful wedding gowns.”

Ok, so you’ve picked the date, found your location…now all you need is your dress.

“We know it’s their special day and we want to pick out the special dress for the bride,” said Gamberdella Bridal Salon’s Theresa Toohey.

But what are you going to wear to a Wednesday Wedding?

Well, if you head to Gamberdella in Towson, they will find exactly what you’re looking for even those last minute daily requests.

The shop has been personalizing dresses for nearly 35 years.

“I love it because it’s a very small business. It’s very personalized. We have a lot of fun with our brides.”

Questions to Ask when Buying a Wedding Dress

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