20 snow day activities for kids (most are free!)

Irvine Nature Center offers ‘day off' fun for kids

OWINGS MILLS - Winter weather around the Baltimore area usually means the kids are off of school.

The Mother Nature Network offers a list of “day off” outdoor fun for children:

  1. Sledding, then hot cocoa
  2.  Make a home movie
  3. Sell tickets to the show
  4. Create a photo book
  5. Play restaurant
  6. Snowflakes under the microscope
  7. Super cool frozen bubbles

Click here for the complete Mother Nature Network list and descriptions.

“When it’s snowing and it’s cold, kids are kind of thinking, now’s the time to be inside only. It’s actually a great time to be outside,” said Irvine Nature Center’s Beth Lacey Gill.

“We have kids programs. We have a nature pre-schools and summer camp programs and day off camp programs,” said Beth.

The Irvine Nature Center in Owings Mills offers fun nature programs to get your kids out of your house on their days off.

Here’s a list of the Irvine Nature Center winter programs.

  1. Tales & Tails
  2. Tagalong Time 
  3. Day off Camp – Winter Wonderland!
  4. Day off Camp – MLK Day
  5. Snowflakes
  6. Candy Cane Recycling
  7. Woodland Walks
  8. Tricky Tricks
  9. Junior Naturalists
  10. Spring Break Camp
  11. Play with Your Food
  12. Recycled Gift Wrapping
  13. Winter Constellations

We have kids programs. We have a nature pre-schools and summer camp programs,” said Beth.

Kids learn about the local ecosystem and design arts and crafts projects.

“They’ll make bird feeders to give the birds who are flying a stop-over point or cardinals who live here all the time,” Beth said.

Irvine also has a little something for mom and dad to blow of some steam.

“Everything from learning how to can. To learning gardening. Learning about the local native flora fauna,” she added.

“The environment’s important because of course it’s the place we live, but it’s our home. We have to protect it in order to keep it safe.”


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