How to overcome writer's block

BALTIMORE - It took 20 years before Ellicott City’s Stephanie Verni's released her book Beneath the Mimosa Tree.

"It's a story about two neighbors and friends who grow up. They turn out to be lovers. A mistake happens and 10 years go by, and it's whether or not that mistake can be fixed," said Stephanie. 

The Stevenson University professor said the story takes place in 1980's Annapolis. It's a romantic rendezvous two decades in the making.

"My husband says to me, 'well you've had this idea for 20 years maybe you should finally write it," said Stephanie. 

If you’ve ever thought about writing your own novel, Stephanie has some great advice for the beginner.

Beating Writer's Block

  1. Write your story
  2. Take breaks in between revisions
  3. Ask friends for help
  4. Don’t give up

"Just write your story. Write your story. Take a few minutes each day. If you can spend 15 minutes a day, then spend 15 minutes a day writing your story. And then let it sleep for the night. Then get up in the morning and look at it again,” said Stephanie.

"You can tap into talent that you have. Friends of mine who are writers edited my book. I did too. But I had friends do it too,” Stephanie said. “They were so great about reading it and giving me comments." 

Most importantly, Stephanie said armature authors should never give up.

"Anybody can do it. They really can. It's just, do you want it? And how badly do you want to see what you've worked on in print," Stephanie said.

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