5 ‘Amazing Experiences' at the National Aquarium

BALTIMORE - Have you ever wanted to dance with the dolphins? Or experience Australia without traveling halfway around the world? That’s what the aquarium’s Amazing Experiences Sweepstakes is all about.

1.5 million people come to the National Aquarium every year but only five will get a chance to get up close and personal.

“We really want our guests to experience the aquarium,” said National Aquarium’s Media Director Kate Hendrickson. “And one of the things they expressed to us is they love the behind the scenes.” 

5 Amazing Experiences

  • Go Behind the Scenes with the Dolphins
  • Animal Planet Australia: Wild Extremes - The Extreme Experience
  • Meet the Animals of Blacktip Reef
  • Experience the Rain Forest like Never Before
  • Name National Aquarium’s Baby Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Just as there are a five once in a lifetime opportunities… there are also 5 ways to enter.

“You can buy a ticket online. You can buy a gift ticket online. You can buy a new or renewed membership. You can donate $25 or more, or you can aqua adopt,” said Hendrickson.

No, you can’t take the animals home, but you can hang out and get up close and personal in their habitats like the Upland Tropical Rainforest, the dolphin tank or the new Blacktip Reef.

“You’re not only going to see the construction and the special tank, and everything that we’re doing. But you’re going to get to be the first person that meets the animals,” said Kate

But you better swim fast – the contest ends on Friday.



Polar Express rolls into the 4-D Immersion Theater

Here’s an aquarium experience anyone can try out.

Travel from the Inner Harbor to the North Pole with the Polar Express 4-D Experience. Here’s a link to the trailer.

“You’re not only seeing it in 3D, but you’re smelling the hot cocoa,” said Kate. “You’re feeling the snow. You’re feeling the shake of the train. You know it’s a really great experience.”

The Polar Express and Planet Earth: Shallow Seas™ 4D Experience are both showing through January in the 4D Immersion Theater.

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