Life coach Jaclyn Vocell shares the 5 steps needed to break a bad habit

BALTIMORE - We all share something in common with Hollywood celebrities and that’s bad habits. R&B singer Chris Brown may want to take a Twitter break from ticking off fans. Lindsay Lohan and Lebron James both need to knock their nail-biting habit.

According to Readers Digest, snacking, smoking, and over spending are some of the worst habits Americas have.

10 Bad Habits and the Best Ways to Quit Them

From Readers Digest

  1. Snacking non-stop, even when not hungry.
  2. Spending too much time on the couch watching TV.
  3. Overspending your way into debt.
  4. Eating too much fast food.
  5. Getting sunburned a few times every summer.
  6. Behavior that leaves you angry, worried, or stressed all of the time.
  7. Skipping breakfast.
  8. Drinking too much alcohol.
  9. Smoking cigarettes.
  10. Overusing pain killers and sedatives.

“Knowledge is not power unless you use it,” said Life Coach and Motivational Speaker Jaclyn Vocell. “If it’s a bad habit, that’s something that’s not healthy. It’s not productive. It’s not helping you grow. And it’s something that you’re doing that you’re not really aware of."

Jaclyn takes a hands-on approach to break those faux pas.

“Figure out where it’s coming from. Why you’re doing it. And really start to uncover where is this bad habit coming from. So face it!”

This former division-one basketball stand-out and sideline reporter now dedicates her life to helping others improve theirs.

“That’s really my mission, to help women love their life. To go from a zero to a ten,” said Jaclyn.

Jaclyn has a five step list she uses to coaching her clients. It begins with self-awareness.

5 Steps To Freedom- Breaking YOUR Bad Habits

  1. Self-Awareness
  2. Face It
  3. Educate Yourself
  4. Take Action
  5. Live Intentionally

“You have to be aware of what’s going on in your life. If you’re not aware, you can’t solve it, “ said Jaclyn.

Step two, Jaclyn advises people to face their fears.

“Acknowledge that it is a bad habit,” she said. “Really start to uncover where is this bad habit coming from. So face it!”

For Step 3, you have to do a little homework to work out your issue..

“Start to educate yourself on what’s happening when you are doing that bad habit,” she added.

You’ll want to learn everything about the cause and effects.

“This is the key step. You have to take action – it’s not a choice,” said Jaclyn.

“If you want to be healthy you have to make a choice to go to the gym. You have to make a choice to eat the right things. So take action! And that starts with making a choice,” she said. “I really suggest getting an accountability partner. If you are trying to increase your health get someone who’s doing the same thing."

Finally, finish it all up with living intentionally.

“It’s time to get uncomfortable and break your bad habit. And when you break that bad habit, you’re going to feel the freedom of growth of overcoming, of getting past things that have been in your life for 20 years,” she said.

“There’s such a sense of freedom when you overcome a bad habit,” said Jaclyn.

If you fall off the horse, Jaclyn says your setbacks can mean a set up for your comeback.

“Nobody ever was successful without failing,” she smiled. 


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