8 ways to winterize your car

Emergency kit, car care and more

HUNT VALLEY - Brace yourself for cold weather it’s coming, so don’t forget to take care of your car.

“We’ve all been told we need to go get your annual doctor’s physical. Well your car needs a physical as well,” said CARCHEX’s Adam Curtis.

CARCHEX in Hunt Valley, Maryland takes winterizing your car seriously.

Here are eight things to check to winterize your car from the CARCHEX blog.

1.      Battery

2.      Fresh Oil & Filter

3.      Check Fluids

4.      Check Hoses & Belts

5.      Tires

6.      Brakes

7.      Test Lights

8.      Wiper Blades

Click here to view complete list with descriptions on how to check these parts.

“The number one thing you should have which we always normally do have is a fully charged cell phone,” said Adam.

If you’re stranded on the road, always have an emergency kit with you

“Make sure you have some sort of heavy winter blanket to keep you warm. Make sure to have water to keep you hydrated. And an energy bar or maybe some dried fruit so you’re able to have food last a few hours.” Adam said.

The most important thing to check is your battery, because you can’t go anywhere if that’s not working. Low tire pressure can also cause you problems on the road.

“Make sure to check it when your tires are cold. If you’ve been commuting to work or taking a drive to see relatives then your car tires heat up on the road and you get an incorrect reading,” Adam added.

Test low tire tread in the summer with a penny, but use a quarter in the winter.

“In the ice and snow it’s that tread that gives you traction. So if you want to stay on the roads make sure your tires are in correct condition,” said Adam.

Also remember to use an ice scraper to clear off your car.

“This isn’t just for you. You need to be able to see, but also that flying snow and ice coming off your car can really damage someone driving behind you,” said Adam.

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